About me

Going to share with you some personal stuff, keep it a secret!

Hey, it’s Roi. So here you’ll find some info about me. I’m writing it freestyle, no real thinking or filtering. I am a web craftsman, author, and a serial entrepreneur. I also love reading good books, writing, and just meditating about life.

When it comes to my work… I’m an addict. I just don’t see the point of killing time in useless activities; instead, I prefer to work, achieve, and progress in life. I came to this conclusion after too many years of sitting on my ass doing, well, not much… I guess this is the universe’s way of compensating for the time I’ve ‘wasted’. Because of my winning mindset, in the last 3 years I’ve done more than I ever dreamed possible for me. I’m proud of myself.

My cup of tea is just sun bathing and seeing nature. Recently, I came to a conclusion that I just hate sitting closed and isolated at home; I prefer being isolated in nature… how paradoxical — admires nature and simplicity, yet drowns himself in entrepreneurial endeavors and work. Yeah, get used to it; I can be very contradictory at times.

As I said, reading is something I just love! My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo. My favorite authors are: Paulo Cohelo, Osho, and Alan Watts. They are the real deal.

My (Current) Book Collection.

When I’m not working or reading, I love doing calisthenics and cycling. I discovered strength training more than 4 years ago and since then it got engrained into my soul; a day without a session is not a day…

I also love setting goals, achievements, and just devoting myself to things that are bigger than me. I love it. It gives my life a flavor. I love the thrill, the challenge, the hardships, the joys, the pains… I love the entire package.

I also really enjoy music; it’s my life. It keeps me on my feet when times are hard. Actually, it keeps me on my feet even when the times are good. Just try to open your day with 5 minutes of good music and ecstatic dancing… guaranteed pleasure.

Some people I find really inspiring are: Christopher Johnson McCandless, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Elliott Hulse (Google all of them! NOW!)

I live in Israel, and love it here. Not the best place in the world, sure, but I wouldn’t trade this beautiful sun for anything in the world… I believe that one needs to work hard and make himself comfortable wherever he is and not run away seeking for a better place; you can change your residence, but you’ll never run away from yourself…

My perspective on life is that every human being should live his truth, and stop suppressing his true fire and desire to please those around him. It’s just way too common for people to suppress who they are, and I fucking hate seeing it. I hate it so much because I used to be that person, and I know how much it hurts…

My ultimate goal in life is to shed the layers built around my heart and just live my truth with my uttermost core; to dig deep and find what I am made of… to find my treasure. As I’m writing this, my shitty motherfucking neighbors are thumping their floor (my ceiling) and it’s pissing me off. I yelled for them to stop. This, for example, is a moment where the universe tests us. It is as if the universe asks “What is it going to be? Your heart or pleasing others?” I chose to go with my heart.

Favorite movie you ask? Into the Wild, by far.

Craziest thing I’ve done in my life? Skydiving.

This website is basically both my professional face, and my private sanctuary.

I’m brutally honest, so be cautious 🙂

This letter is being written in late 2017; the New Year is just around the corner, and I’m very excited. Going to be interesting, I guarantee you.

“LIVE. If you live, god will live with you. If you refuse to run his risks, he’ll retreat to that distant heaven and be merely a subject for philosophical speculation.”

— Veronika Decides to Die, Paulo Cohelo